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Headquarters Cathedral for A.T. Griffey Ministries, Inc.

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You Tube Preaching At It's Best

and Gospel Music At It's Best II

Never Would Have Made It

Sermon preached by Bishop A.T. Griffeyat St.Mariah of Reidsville,NC 4th Anniversary Bishop Cohen,Sr. Pastor"Never Would Have Made It"

Bishop GE Patterson Classic "The Ball Game of Life"

"Voices In The Crowd" #979Call Bountiful Blessings1-800-544-3571Our BET Bishop in a classic moment on Palm Sunday 1999

It's Time To Pray The Scriptures -Bishop A.T.Griffey,III

Sermon: It's Time to Pray The Scriptures, preached by Bishop A.T. Griffey at Mt. Carmel

Bishp G. E. Patterson - God Is With Us In Spite...

In Spite of your present circumstances

Karen Clark and FAMU GOSPEL CHOIR I Won t Complain


Running To Your Desert Place

Sermon preached by Bishop A.T. Griffey,III, Getting To A Desert Place

Another Blessing (Melvin & Lee Williams)

Buy: http://www.blackberryrecords.comVisit the Williams Brothers' Official Website:

Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

Sermon preached by Bishop A.T. Griffeyat Mt. Carmel in Winston-Salem, NC

Bishop Paul S. Morton Live from New Orleans

Bishop Paul S. Morton shares his ministry and personal story through song in this rendition of "I'm Still Standing."

Keep On Knocking

Sermon preached at Mt. Carmel Winston-Salem, NC, Bishop A.T. Griffey

Bishop G.E. Patterson "There's Power in the Blood"

One of the best preachers that is missed. Preaching about the Blood of Jesus & Communion

Madame Mary L. Haynie and MWC Choir

Madame Mary L.Haynie and Macedonia Worship Center Choir, (I Prayed About It and Just Another Day) Winston-Salem,NC Apostle S.D. Johnson is Senior Pastor

Lisa McClendon at Agape in Boise

Lisa McClendon performing at Agape Christian Worship Center in Boise, ID.


Daryl Coley sings HALLELUJAH YOU'RE WORTHY. Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tn. | Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, Pastor